Cecilia Liu reveals Nicky Wu did not return home for 2 weeks -- after being married for 1 month

29 April 2016 / 6 months 10 hours ago

After their $4-million wedding in Bali, it seems like the time the couple have together now is not quite as lavish.

Newlyweds Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu have spent less than half of their married life together.

According to Asian E-News Portal, the pair has been busy working.

Liu is promoting her new drama, 'Youth Is Just Right' lately. She disclosed that her husband, Nicky Wu did not return home for 2 weeks.

The couple have only been married for 1 month.

When asked about their baby-making plans, Cecilia said: "Impossible this year and please ask me again next year."

Although Nicky has a hectic work schedule, he said that he will try his best to accompany his wife and will always visit her whenever she films a kissing scene with Zheng Kai in thenew drama.

Zheng Kai said: "He usually sits in one corner quietly and keeps looking at me."

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