Brazilian diving team split up after one athlete forces another out of room to have sex

18 August 2016 / 2 months 4 days ago

A Brazilian synchronised diving team clashed and split up after one of team-mate allegedly banished the other from their room to have sex with a canoeist. 

UniLad reports that Ingrid Oliveira, 20, banished team-mate Giovanna Pedroso, 17, from her room in the Olympic Village.

She is believed ot have done so to have sex with compatriot Pedro Goncalves the night before they were due to dive.

The duo went on to finish last in the women’s 10m synchronised on Wednesday and announced their separation not too long after.

Apparently this late-night sex sesh was the final straw, as the pair had already had their fair share of arguments in the run-up to their event.

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