Brave Hollywood stars who performed dangerous stunts without a body double

2 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

If you've all always thought that Hollywood stars were afraid to do their own stunts, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by these brave actors.

According to TheChive via PopCrunch, 53-year-old Tom Cruise held his breath for six minutes while filming an underwater scene for Mission:Impossible-Rogue Nation.

He also came up with the idea to free climb Utah’s Dead Horse Point without a net below him in the in the beginning sequence of Mission:Impossible II.

Now that's one brave star -- but he's not the only one who didn't want a body double to perform his stunts for him.

From Jackie Chan to Christian Bale and even Jason Statham, all these cool dudes did their own stunts.

Check out what they had to do in the gallery below.

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