Bosco Wong donating condolence money from dad's funeral to cancer patients

31 December 2015 / 9 months 3 weeks ago

Hong Kong artiste Bosco Wong's father passed away from lung cancer earlier and his family was holding the funeral at Hung Hom on Dec 30.

According to Asian E-News Portal, Bosco has generously said that he will be donating all the condolence money collected at the funeral to cancer patients.

He was seen dressed in black with black shades and looked depressed when arrived at the venue around 3.30pm.

When asked about his mood, Bosco replied he felt much better and said: "Many friends asked me out for dinner lately."

He expressed the funeral will take place in Buddhism style and the cremation will be conducted tomorrow.

When asked what will happen to his father's florist business, Bosco said that "he has retired and it does not matter."

He added his father's greatest wish was to see them healthy and take good care of themselves.

In terms of work, Bosco responded that he will take a break after the funeral.

He said: "I will be filming series in Hong Kong in January."

He disclosed the condolence fund will be donated to the cancer patients after the discussion with his family.

When asked if he felt his father passed away too quickly, Bosco was filming series in Mainland China at that time and said, "Feels quite surprising."

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