Are they back together? Kenji Wu lets ex-GF Laurinda Ho spend the night at his house

27 February 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Kenji Wu broke up with Macau's casino ing Stanley Ho's daughter, Laurinda Ho last year.

Recently, Kenji was spotted together with his ex-girlfriend at Taipei, sparking speculations if the pair had patched thing up.

On January 31, Kenji was seen picking up Laurinda from the cafe at about 3am. He then drove Laurinda back to his house.

The duo was only seen 9 hours later, at about 1pm the next day, reports Asian Pop News.

Laurinda had also changed her clothes and looking very sweet together.

When asked if he had reconciled with Laurinda, Kenji responded that she was a little tipsy that day and her friend called him to take care of her.

Kenji said that he was there for "safety reasons" that he picked her to his home and they did not reconcile.

However, a source disclosed that Laurinda still had feelings for Kenji and would give up any chance of patching up with him.

Reports also said that as Kenji was jot pro marriage, he did not want to delay the other party.

As he also wished to focus on his career, he felt that it was better to part ways.

After the break-up, Laurinda had many pursuers.

Kenji gave his blessings and said, "There should be many people chasing after a good girl."

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