Angelababy keeps mum about her wedding details -- but Nini tells press more than she should have

20 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Hong Kong model/actress Angelababy and mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, who officially registered their marriage in May of this year, will hold their wedding ceremony on October 8.

Mainland Chinese actress Ni Ni, who is starring alongside Angelababy in the upcoming movie, Bride Wars, will serve as the maid of honor.

A remake of the 2009 romantic comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, Bride Wars tells the story of two close friends, Mary (Ni Ni) and He Jing (Angelababy), who find out that their respective wedding ceremonies are scheduled for the very same day.

The conflict leads to many embarrassing albeit hilarious events, reports Jayne Stars

Recently, there have been rumors that Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, who registered their marriage on May 27, would be hosting their wedding ceremony in October.

At a recent press conference for Bride Wars, however, Angelababy kept mum when pressed for details about the ceremony, responding only that the important thing was not the date, but rather getting married to the right person.

Nevertheless, Ni Ni confirmed the October wedding date during a post-conference interview and added that she would be Angelababy’s maid of honor.

She also shared that when Angelababy invited her to take on the role, Ni Ni was initially unsure of what she was supposed to do as a maid of honor.

Due to the tragic explosion in Tianjin, the Bride Wars press conference was cut short in order to devote time to sending blessings to the explosion victims.

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