Angelababy passionately kisses Zheng Kai on reality show -- but scene gets deleted

29 January 2016 / 9 months 18 hours ago

Angelababy was recently exposed for sharing an intimate kiss with Chinese actor Zheng Kai on the set of Hurry Up, Brother together.

The Chinese born Hong Kong model, actress and singer is a cast member in the Chinese reality show, together with Zheng Kai and some others like Lu han and Wong Cho-lam.

Also known as the 'Chinese running man', the reality show's third season has recently come to an end, and a rumoured guest list of the fourth season has since circulated around the internet.

Angelababy has been speculated to be withdrawing from the show, while Lu Han will be replaced by Wang Baoqiang.

The production team has later clarified that the member list is not confirmed yet, and the guest list is fake, said Asian E-News Portal

It was also exposed that during the filming of season 3, Angelababy and Zheng Kai had a passionate kissing scene filmed. 

However, it was deleted after careful consideration by the production team, who did not want to stir jealousy from Baby's husband, Huang Xiaoming.

The couple tied the knot last October in an extravagant $31 million wedding. It was even labelled as the 'Wedding of the year' in the Chinese entertainment circle.

Netizens now have high hopes on the good-looking couple to conceive in the near future.

Huang's mother, who attended an event with her son earlier this January, has also expressed her desire for the newlyweds to give birth to six children. 

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