Adrian Pang sustains bloody facial cut during LKY musical -- but what he does next will shock you

4 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Adrian Pang sustained a deep cut on his face halfway through his performance at The LKY Musical.
According to The New Paper, as he was running onstage for that night’s second act, he ran into the underside of a staircase.
He was cut on his forehead by a metal edge and sustained a two-and-a-half centimetre long cut on his forehead. 
Initially the actor thought it was sweat streaming down his face, but thereafter realised it was blood.
Instead of seeking treatment straightaway however, the 49-year-old continued with performance as planned.
Said co-star Sharon Au:
“When I saw the blood flowing non-stop from Adrian’s forehead, I froze. I was freaking out.”
Au even tried to clean Adrian Pang's forehead with her blouse during their performance. 
Pang continued performing for around half-an-hour and was sent to Mount Elizabeth Hospital for treatment after the show ended.
He was given 20 stitches.
Take a look at the gallery below to see photos of what happened. 

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