Actress Xanadu's dress looks normal enough... until she bends over to expose cleavage

6 April 2016 / 6 months 3 weeks ago

Xanadu, Q Bobo and Sam Leong Sing Chi attended their film SI SIU JEH (MISS CORPSE)'s production ceremony in Causeway Bay recently.

In the film, Xanadu did not have any sexy performances, but showed off enough cleavage at the event, when she leaned over to cut the cake and open champagne.

Xanadu played a night club dance escort and a zombie in the movie, reported Hktopten. She had foul language, violent and horror scenes but did not have any opportunity to flaunt her sexy image.

She joked, "This film is about social phenomenon and this time the character has a lot of breakthrough. I don't have to be sexy, there are no intimate scenes, but I have a crying scene. My character even dies. The film will later be screened online. I will even sing the theme song." 

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