Aaron Kwok's new GF felt 'betrayed' after announcement of their relationship

5 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

Source: AsiaOne

Dating a celebrity can be very trying, and it is even worse when the celebrity is one of 'Heavenly King' status. 

Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok's surprise relationship announcement may have been considered a sweet gesture by many, but it seems that his girlfriend, Moka Fang, may be starting to feel the pressure of dating someone so famous.

In a message posted on Weibo on Thursday morning, Fang, 27, said she felt "upset" that some of her private matters had been revealed to the public. She also hinted that someone she knew had betrayed her trust, and that she did not know many of the people who are claiming to know about her.

"I hope the media will not report untrue things based on speculation," she said.

On Friday, Hong Kong's Apple Daily also released video footage showing Fang pleading with reporters not to take her picture after Kwok dropped her off at the Hong Kong airport.

The video dated November 28 shows Fang desperately trying to hide her face from paparazzi waiting outside the airport. According to Apple Daily, Kwok had just driven off after helping her with her luggage.

As the encounter happened before Kwok's Weibo announcement on Dec 2, reporters did not know who Fang was at the time.

She seemed upset as she pleaded with the reporters to let her pass so she could check in for her flight, but the relentless reporters continued snapping and asking questions despite her pleas.

At one point, the helpless model even tried to squat and hide behind her trolley to avoid being photographed.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get past reporters, Fang turned around and stomped her feet in frustration. It was then that Kwok was seen stepping out his car and rushing back to rescue the damsel in distress.

According to the Hong Kong tabloid, Kwok had been observing the situation from afar although he had already driven off.

As Kwok walked briskly toward the reporters, he turned his head to check how Fang was doing. He then calmly asked reporters to back off.

"Please don't do this," he said repeatedly as he diverted their attention away from Fang. After the reporter he was speaking to agreed to back off, Kwok turned to Fang and told her to go ahead.

But the distraught Fang seemed too upset to move until Kwok walked towards her.

After Fang walked off, reporters followed Kwok back to his vehicle and continued to ask him if Fang was his girlfriend.

Keeping his cool, Kwok smiled and said "Give me some space, okay?", before getting into his car and driving off once more.

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