Aaron Kwok scratched by fans during hand-shaking sessions -- but that's not the worst part

9 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Heavenly king, Aaron Kwok becomes the first singer to hold his concert at the Studio City Macau. Studio City Macau is a cinema-themed resort, which will be opened officially on October 27.

Yesterday, Aaron attended the launching ceremony of the Studio City Macau as a special guest and even flaunted his dance moves on the spot. Aaron said that his concert would have a “rock area” in which fans could interact with him.

Aaron said that this was his first time designing an interactive stage, and he might even invite his fans on the stage too.

Asked if he was afraid that he would be “taken advantage” by his fans, Aaron said, “There will be working crew to prevent such incident. The security officers will protect him, but I always get scratched during hand-shaking sessions. I even met an incident in which a fan had knocked onto my teeth. I am most worried if fans refuse to let go of my hand. I don’t want my fans to get hurt because I really love them. It doesn’t matter if I am hurt. If a fan refuses to let go of my hand, the security officer will have to separate us.”

Aaron was also spotted wearing a ring on his ring finger. Aaron clarified that it was just an accessory.

Asked if he had thought about marriage, Aaron said, “I do wish to get married and have my kids, because I really like kids. However, I have too much work on hand. My mum has asked me to reduce my workload, but I told her not to worry. I want to seek a breakthrough and push my career to another peak. Once I achieve my objective, I will set up my family. It will take a few years, perhaps another 3 years.”

“If I happen to meet my other half now, I will not rule out the possibility of a flash wedding too. I hope everyone will give me the blessings.”

See more photos of the hunky Aaron Kwok in the gallery below. 

Aaron Kwok
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