79-year-old grandma takes up bodybuilding -- and a 49-year-old boytoy

15 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

A 73-year-old grandmother who took up bodybuilding found love not only in the sport, but with a man.

According to DailyMailUK via AsianTown, Janice Lorraine, 73, from New South Wales is Australia's oldest natural bodybuilder.

She goes to the gym for three hours a day, three days a week and walks eight kilometres a day on three other days.

Now, she's achieved a strikingly muscular frame.

As a retired psychologist, she took to the sport at age 55, when she needed a new sense of purpose.

Ms Lorraine is supported in her lifestyle choice by her 49-year-old boyfriend, David Kendall, who she has been with for over 25 years.

She talks about how bodybuilding keeps her young.

'I decided to do this when I left my gym one day in retirement and saw a very elderly, frail, stick thin woman outside in the street.

Knowing she was heading towards the same fate, Ms Lorraine says that this was her lightbulb moment:

'I knew I should do weight resistance training,' she says.

'Retirement can be devastating. And if you don't change that old, frail idea of a 75-year-old in your head, then that is what you will become.'

And so Ms Lorraine started training at her local gym, for 15 months at first before she competed in a competition in Sydney in 1999, alternating days of three hours at the gym working out, and three days where she walked eight kilometres.

'I don't know when I'll stop bodybuilding,' she says.

'I'll keep going until I no longer want to. I'm out to make a statement. I'm trying to change people's perception of what a 73-year-old should be.

'When I compete in competitions in Australia and abroad, people say that they're amazed to see a woman over 50 wearing a bikini.

'I think my bodybuilding is a great message to put out there.'

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