3 Korean actresses have red carpets accidents simultaneously at different events

1 January 2016 / 9 months 4 weeks ago

What's with yesterday night? Or were these actresses just having a bad night at the same time?

At least three actresses suffered minor red carpet accidents simultaneously at different events yesterday, reports Dkpopnews.

Actresses Park Han Byul, Song Ha Yoon and Choi Yoon Young all tripped on their dresses and lost balance as they graced the red carpet at "2015 KBS Drama Awards" and "SBS Drama Awards".

Park Han Byul appeared elegantly in her long white dress at red carpet for the SBS Drama Awards. However, she lost balance on her black heels and almost fell.

Meanwhile, actress Song Ha Yoon had it the worst among all three celebrities, as she tripped while going up the stairs after stepping on her long white dress. Fortunately, she supported her balance with her hand in time.

Lastly, Choi Yoon Young also suffered the same accident as Park Han Byul because of her long dress and high heels, to the point that one of her heels almost wore off her foot.

Nevertheless, the beautiful actresses managed to get back on their feet in the end.

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