Yummy mummy Angela Tong shares her dieting secrets

9 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Hong Kong actress Angela Tong Ying Ying is no stranger to fad diets.

According to a report in The Straits Times, the 38-year-old has tried everything, from diet pills to the carbohydrate-free Atkins diet. She even resorted to eating only green apples.

"Diet pills made my heart race. The Atkins and apple diets made me grumpy and I kept yelling at my assistant," says Ms Tong, who was in town to promote a new weight-loss treatment programme by Marie France Bodyline.

Since entering the Hong Kong entertainment industry after being crowned Ms Chinese Montreal in 1995, the actress says her weight has always fluctuated.

"In this industry, you can be really busy or not doing anything. When I'm not doing anything, that's when I put on weight," she says.

The only time she did not mind gaining weight was when she was pregnant with her daughter Alyssa, who was born in March this year. The 1.63m-tall actress weighed 64kg then.
"I loved being pregnant. I was in this happy place where everything tasted so good," says Ms Tong, who married Hong Kong actor Chin Kar Lock, 48, last year.
She adds: "Because of Chinese tradition, I had to stay home for about a month after giving birth and eat nutritious stuff, such as pork knuckle with vinegar and ginger rice. I gained even more weight after that."
She says she was fortunate that Marie France Bodyline picked her to be its new ambassador and, within three months, she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 53 kg.
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