You'll never guess which profession G.NA nearly entered due to hardship

26 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Singer G.NA recently revealed on a May 22 radio broadcast that she originally planned on becoming a news anchor.

According to a report on Soompi, she talked about her trainee days on the broadcast: “I was a trainee for seven years, and because my family didn’t live in Korea, there were times when I would get really sad.

"When I was sick, I couldn’t even tell my mom, and I couldn’t go to the hospital either because it was too expensive.”

She continued, “Originally, I studied journalism and broadcasting, and I wanted to be a news anchor. Because I was having too much of a hard time, my mom told me to finish studying journalism, and that since I took a stab at my dream of becoming a singer, I should let it go with no regrets.” 

Aren't you glad G.NA never gave up on her dream?

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