You'll never guess what Joey Yung sniffs when she's stressed

4 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Source: My PaperWhen the pressures of showbiz get to Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, she digs into her handbag and whips out her favourite scent - a men's fragrance from Jill Sanders."When I'm stressed, I find the environment annoying and even smelly. (Spraying on the perfume) is a way to make myself feel better," said the 32-year-old in a phone interview from Hong Kong last Wednesday.Lamenting that the "anti-stress scent" has been discontinued, Yung reveals that she's down to three bottles. "I use it sparingly because I'm afraid I'll finish it. I use it only when I'm really stressed," she added.It looks like the Cantopop queen may be needing some of that perfume as she prepares for her concert here later this month.My Paper catches up with Yung about her ongoing sixth solo world tour - Concert Number 6, a recent song-plagiarism controversy and plans for babies.Your life seems to revolve around the number six quite a bit. Tell us more (The digit is found in Joey's birthday June 16, her phone number and the name of official fan clubs JY616 and JY6).Often, when I go to a recording studio, and find that it's on the sixth or 16th level... I'll smile to myself. I feel I'm really fated with the number six.What's your birthday wish this year? I kept falling ill when I was having my world, tour and there was once I even lost my voice when it was time for a concert. My voice was so hoarse, I was very unsatisfied (with my performance). I wish for good health so that I can put up a good show.How have you been preparing for the concert?Like women hoping to get pregnant, I go to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and eat nourishing herbs.I hope to carry my baby, the concert, for the full term and deliver it smoothly...I feel like a pregnant woman (laughs).If you make frequent visits to the Chinese doctor, aren't you afraid that the Hong Kong media will think you're getting ready to have a baby?It's quite funny, because the Chinese doctors I visit specialise in fertility and the walls are plastered with photos of children.But I laugh whenever the doctor says my womb is about ready for babies. I just want to maintain my health.Recently, netizens have accused Alex Fung, composer and producer of your new song, To View In A New Light, of copying Adele's Rumour Has It. What's your take?I believe Fung, he has no need to copy. In the music industry, sometimes what's in vogue is similar. We're just using a popular musical element to make music.If we wanted to copy the song, we might as well just do a cover of Rumour Has It. Wouldn't that save time?Fung spent about two, months writing the song. If he copied it, he wouldn't need that long a time.

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