Creepy or cute? Japanese idol tries to scare with 'thigh gap face'

10 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Japanese idol Haruna Kojima, of girl band AKB48, got audiences creeped out and tickled when she attempted to do a scary face on a TV show, reported Chinese media QQ News. 

With a round table of guests and personalities, the young starlet got up to present her scary face with the help of a fellow female helper. 

The helper lifted up her fluffy red dress to mid-thigh and Haruna stooped down and grasped her thighs. 

Then, she popped her face in between her thighs -- to the delight and shock of the presenters and audiences. 

Even after the show aired, netizens still can't stop laughing at her hilarious "thigh gap monster face". 

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