You won't believe where an art historian found a long lost painting

15 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Hungarian artist Róbert Berény's painting, "Sleeping Lady with Black Vase," disappeared in 1928. Over 70 years later, the work resurfaced in a rather unusual place: the background of the 1999's Stuart Little.

The film starred Jonathan Lipnicki, Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis, and a cute animated mouse voiced by Michael J. Fox. It was a nice movie, but perhaps the art world held the "Sleeping Lady with Black Vase" painting in higher regard.

However, no one noticed it until 2009, when Hungararian art historian Gergely Barki watched the movie with his daughter. Barki needed to know if he indeed spotted the real deal.

He emailed the studio responsible for the motion picture and received a response two years later. As it turns out, the painting was an authentic Berény, reports Viral Nova.

The movie's set designer spotted the piece in a Pasadena, California antique shop, completely unaware of its true value. The set designer, who brought the painting home to hang her wall, sold the painting to an art collector looking to auction the piece soon.

If Barki has any desire to acquire the work he spotted, he'll have to come up with some serious cash, as the starting bid is $110,000.

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