You won't believe what this 'leaked video of Japanese idol's private moments' is meant for

9 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Japanese TV has a tendency to be pretty ridiculous. Japanese commercials are even known to be some of the most ridiculous out there.

Think Superbowl-esque non sequiturs, used to peddle the most mundane things. But you will never guess what this new commercial is promoting, even after the big reveal.

This commercial starts with the feeling that maybe you shouldn’t be watching it, reports Rocket News. The YouTube version is even labeled as a leaked video of private moments. 

Well-known idol Akari is the star of this particular leaked footage. It seems to be hidden camera footage of some intimate moments between Akari and her boyfriend. 

At first Akari doesn’t know that she is being filmed. Eventually she figures something is up and her boyfriend tries to placate her with some calming words, “it’s OK to take video, isn’t it? Just relax!” 

​Maybe you should just watch it though. True to most hidden camera stuff, you’ll need to turn the sound up since the mic on the camera is a bit muffled.

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