Yay or nay? Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh for Star Awards' Favourite Onscreen Couple

5 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Marie Lim
The New Paper
Tuesday, 3 February, 2015

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh​ have been nominated for Favourite Onscreen Couple​ for the Star Awards 2015​.

Which is quite unfair, really.

How hard can it be for a married couple to act as a couple?

Not that we're knocking their skills – Qi has been nominated for Best Actor while Peh, who recently announced that she is pregnant, is up for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

But Favourite Onscreen Couple​? That's almost cheating, after all their sizzling chemistry is plain for all to see.

Okay wait, that's not quite true. Guess they do deserve that nomination. Great acting, guys.

We really hope Peh wins during the awards show in April so that we can see her on stage with her baby bump, which should be nice and prominent by then.

Possible nude photoshoot and upcoming period movie 1965 aside, that will probably be one of the few times we'll get to see her this year.

(To focus on her pregnancy, Peh is not taking on any more acting assignments for now​.)

What do you think?

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