Wu Chun's wife feels threatened by sexy actress Fan Bingbing?

7 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Why reveal your secret now, Wu Chun?

According to an article in The New Paper, that question has taken on a life of its own online, spawning thousands of responses.

On Wednesday, actor Wu Chun, who had always insisted he was a bachelor, revealed to the Taiwanese media that he has a wife and a three-year-old child.

He said his wife is expecting a son.

Wu, 33, came clean during the press conference for his new book Ignite Courage.

The revelation has not been seen as a publicity stunt to drive book sales as all proceeds will be going to charity.

Instead, many netizens believe the actor's wife forced him to acknowledge her existence publicly because she felt threatened by sexy Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

She had been staying hidden since he entered showbiz in 2005.

According to recent Taiwanese reports, the Bruneian actor is currently filming the period flick Yang Gui Fei in Inner Mongolia with Fan, 32, and has praised her on numerous occasions for her "niceness".

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