Wong Li Lin and Allan Wu's split: Will they win shocker of the year award?

18 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

They were one of Singapore’s top celebrity couples, having been married for almost a decade and with two beautiful children. Then in June, the bombshell.

Former actress Wong Li Lin and TV host Allan Wu (above) had started divorce proceedings. They have kept mum about what led to the divorce, though various theories have been suggested online.

Wong, 41, has insisted that speculation is useless. “I don’t need to address it with anybody. This is between Allan and me,” she told The Straits Times in October.

In the same interview, she also candidly spoke about the difficulties of navigating the divorce. “It’s like having a cut that’s probably a bit raw in various ways and it has to heal and that can only take time. But overall, it’s pretty okay.”

Since the announcement, the couple have been spotted at a mediation hearing. They have both been posting social media updates and pictures with their two children.

Asked in August whether the two Fly Entertainment artists are likely to work or appear at public events together in the future, Fly boss Irene Ang told The New Paper:

“They’re both very mature and professional. “They’re not like teenagers, break off and ‘I cannot talk to you or be seen with you’.

“In this industry, these things happen all the time. I think after a while, you need to know that work is work, private life is private life.”

Ang did not respond to requests for comments on this story.

Does the celebrity split qualify as Shocker of the Year for our annual Flame Awards?

Or should it be veteran actor Huang Wenyong’s unexpected death?

Or Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu’s surprise relationship?

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