Woman sends $1.4 million to online boyfriend -- whom she has never met

1 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

This is unlike any other scam story we've heard. This woman has sent her "boyfriend" $1.4million -- even though she has never met him.

In an episode on the Dr Phil show, American woman Sarah met "Chris Oslen" on a dating website, whom she quickly fell in love with. 

She started talking to him every day for three to four hours per day and was enchanted by his poetic words of love.

He told her he was on a business trip to South Africa, but somehow whenever he wanted to go "visit" her, he was "locked up" by authorities there.

She had to sell her house to send him $550,000 as mortage. She also gave him money for a couple more reasons: his credit card was stolen, hotel bills, lawyers, and that the money she gave was stolen.

It amounted to $1.4million.

When asked if she thought this was a scam, Sarah said she was 95% sure that he was true to her.

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