Wilson Chin forgot 1 important thing during daring bed scene with Shirley Yeung

22 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago
Wilson Chin is directing the new film Black Comedy with Shirley Yeung as one of the actresses.

This time round, instead of just directing, he will be guest starring in the movie and even has a daring intimate scene with Shirley, reports Hktopten.

He said, "During the shoot I didn't think of it, after it was done, I remembered that I didn't add a kiss scene! This time I missed out!

He forgot to kiss his co-star, but revealed that he had to take his pants off for the scene.

Shirley will be venturing away from her good girl image, with her portrayal of a mistress in the film.

She said: "This time I play a pretty mistress. I am (Gregory) Wong Chung Hiu's mistress.

"Wilson Chin Kwok Wai is the guy I am cheating on him with. Later, we plot to kill him." 

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