Will Jackie Chan make more action films?

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Almost a decade after New Police Story (2004), Jackie Chan is back in another reboot of the highly successful Police Story film series which started in 1985.

The Hong Kong action star was in Singapore on Tuesday to promote Police Story 2013 and dressed casually in an orange checked shirt and cream pants.

According to a report in The Straits Times, the comedy action flick CZ12 was a hit for him last year but he says in Mandarin: "I can't do that genre all my life. After that, I want to show audiences a different side of Jackie Chan."

In Police Story 2013, where he plays a cop thrust into a hostage situation, the tone is darker compared to the first four instalments of Police Story.

The action scenes remain from the franchise, although he had previously announced that CZ12 would be his last major action film.

Explaining his apparent about-face, the 59-year-old says drily: "Since I'm still young, I should make more action films."

After a decades-long career spanning plenty of hits, Chan says he knows what audiences want. "They are tired of films with people flying about. They like to see genuine down-to-earth Jackie Chan flicks."

After having played cops from the 1980s till today, he observes how movie cops have evolved over the years.

"Cops nowadays have more of an interior life. This new film's cop has a family and a daughter, and I find that quite moving. As I get older, I like emotional drama more."

He is quite dismissive of his earlier works with all that "endless fighting and jumping". The story here is key and "more important than the fighting", he adds.

He professes that he no longer makes films for the money but for his own interest and the fact that he likes challenges.

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