Will Big Bang's G-Dragon go naked in the name of fashion?

1 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago


​South Korean pop idol G-Dragon may be bold in his clothing choices, but fans are unlikely to see him in the buff.

Nudity is the one thing that he will not do in the name of fashion, said the 24-year-old leader of boyband BigBang at a press conference held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel last Saturday.

G-Dragon was in town over the weekend for his One Of A Kind solo world tour.

He also went to the opening of multi-label boutique Salon by Surrender at Marina Bay Sands last Friday evening.

At a press conference in Taiwan, you said in jest that you were going for the "aunty look" with your black fedora hat.

So, why just a cap today?

It's just that I liked the hat.

There's no particular reason.

As someone who needs to present myself in front of the public, I feel the pressure to do more, to constantly come up with new looks.

But at times, I think I tend to overdo it, and it can get a little uncomfortable for those looking.

But I hope that everyone will like my looks and support me.

When will you be releasing your next solo album?

I'm working really hard on it.

I'm not sure when it will be out.

When I release an album, I want to make it perfect for my fans.

I want to be satisfied with the work I produce.

I'm, aiming for a release next month.

You have a successful solo career.

Have you ever thought of leaving BigBang?

I'm currently concentrating on my solo tour, but when I join the other members of BigBang, I will concentrate on being a band member.

Personally, I think that the love and support I get from all over the world are from fans who know me through BigBang.

Have you ever felt limited by censorship when writing songs?

Of course, I can't say "no".

I worry about censorship.

Back when I started, I wasn't experienced enough.

I could have made a few mistakes.

I think I'm still learning.

But, among South Korean artists, I think BigBang and myself do not worry as much about censorship.

We want to produce music that we like.

Are there any artists you wanted to work with for this concert?

If I name them, will you bring them to me? (The cheeky G-Dragon flashes a rare smile).

I'm not so sure.

To work with other artists, we've got to have the same goal in a particular performance.

It's not about working with big-name artists, it's really about the elements that we are looking for in our performances, so that we can achieve synergy.

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