Why S'pore blogger had plastic surgery in South Korea instead of Thailand

23 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Dissatisfied with her bulbous nose and sleepy eyes, a Singapore blogger flew to Seoul to undergo a transformation -- one that she documented on her blog.

Her reason for her tell-all revelation? 31-year-old Dawn, who also runs a blogshop selling mainly bags, says she did it because she realised there was a lack of personal accounts of plastic surgery experiences on the Internet, reports AsiaOne.

In particular, she noticed that few people were willing to share their before and after photos of their plastic surgery transformation - something which hindered her search for a reputable plastic surgeon when she decided on getting a face job.

Her decision to get plastic surgery done did not stem from low self confidence. She says she did it because she felt there some "imperfections" in her looks that she felt could be improved upon.

"I was not breathtakingly beautiful before surgery, but neither do I think I was ugly or unattractive. My personal opinion about myself now is that I look like a better or 'enhanced' version of myself," she said.

Before her surgery, she was often teased by her friends for her big nose, with nicknames such as "Super Mario's girlfriend" and "Jackie Chan's daughter".

She added that she always wanted a nose with a higher bridge, and even underwent fillers in Thailand last year to sharpen her nose. The results pleased her, and she started thinking about undergoing a more permanent change.

She also found fault with her eyes, which she complained only looked "alive" when she put make-up on. Without make-up, she said her eyelids looked "droopy" and "lazy".

She initially wanted to do her surgery in Thailand, as it was much cheaper. But after consulting fellow Singapore blogger Jacqueline Koh -- known for undergoing 10 cosmetic procedures and similarly documenting her experience  -- she decided against it.

Despite the considerably heftier price tag, she chose South Korea instead for its more advance technology. In addition, she was offered a discounted rate at one clinic in Seoul in return for letting them use her before and after pictures on their website.

Read the full report on AsiaOne.

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