Why so expensive? G.E.M. Tang's concert tickets rumoured to cost $1,880

25 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Six days ago, G.E.M. Tang (鄧紫棋) held a press conference for her concert.

Her manager, Tan Chang (張丹) had initially rejected interviews from the media and G.E.M. Tang left the place, reports Asian E-News Portal. However, she returned to ask reporters if they wished to interview her.

When asked whether she had been promoted, G.E.M. laughed and said: "No, because our company had many new colleagues from Hong Kong and Mainland China during the year. Thus, there were some communication problems.

Asked if she was nervous, G.E.M. Tang responded: "Nope and I am not worried about what others think. I will do my part well. I believe the other party will feel it when you treat him or her with sincerity.

G.E.M Tang also denied that the most expensive concert tickets cost $1,880 and explained that each ticket included a set meal and 'other stuff'.

She said: "Sometimes, there is a similar practice for foreign concerts and this is considered a different experience."

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