Why Samantha Ko's future husband will be one lucky man

8 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Samantha Ko (高海寧) wore a tube dress which revealed three inches of career line to display her cooking skills for a food event.

She revealed her love of inventing new dishes and how her brother was the guinea pig. She also hoped to retain her future boyfriend or husband through their stomachs.

Samantha said: "I used to bake cake and make sweet desserts for my boyfriend. I would ask for culinary tips in different countries from the masters ever since joining the entertainment industry. I hope to find a guy who loves to cook so that we can explore new dishes together. But he will be the one washing the dishes."

According to Asian E-News Portal, Samantha would exercise after eating in order to keep fit and called herself a 'Zai Nu 宅女'.

She said: "I love staying at home to eat, reading books and listening to songs. Thus, I do not have any boyfriends even till now and cannot find the company.

Asked if it was because no one was her cup of tea, Samantha replied, "The competitors are of high quality! (Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has found his girl too and there are no more Mr Nice Guys left. All the good guys have been snatched away. Kenneth Ma love the goddess feel. I will find a man who appreciates me."

Samantha revealed that she did not mind dating a 'Zai Nan 宅男' and said: "I do not mind if the opposite party stays at home all the time as we will be tired going out all the time. It is best if we have common interests such as literature. I am looking at Tiny Times (小時代) now and the composer is very cool."

When questioned if she would continue to support Kai Ko after his release, Samantha responded, "Yes, everyone makes mistakes and it is important to change after the mistake."

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