Why Hong Kong celebs have been taking public transport -- and going unrecognised

10 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

The demonstrations in Hong Kong have led to road closures and diversions. Hence, Hong Kong celebrities have been ditching their cars and opted for public transport instead.

According to Asian Pop News, some also went to great lengths to diguise themselves.

On Oct 8 , Aaron Kwok was at Central for a haircut. After the haircut, he was unable to hail for a taxi due to a road block, and his driver was also caught in a jam.

He then donned a mask and cap, and went unrecognised on the subway. 

He posted his picture on Weibo, saying that it was his "first time taking the subway in 10 years" and that it was faster than "driving a car".

Other celebrities have also taken the same approach.

Chilam Cheung, Anita Yuen, and Alex To have also uploaded their train experience on Weibo.

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