Why Han Geng quit Super Junior: He received only S$818 in his first year

2 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Former Super Junior member Hangeng recently talked about his leaving the group on an interview with a Chinese music program.

He revealed his reason for debuting: "The most important thing to me was making money so my parents could live comfortably, and that was also the greatest motive," reported allkpop.

However, he encountered several problems:

"I was not able to stand on stage even after debuting.

"I was the first foreign celebrity to debut in Korea so the law was not perfect. I could not film commercials and could not participate in certain portions of the schedule.

"It felt like I had lost all hope. I cried performing 'Twins' with the Super Junior members.  I received a payment of 4000 yuan (S$818) in my first year.

"I gathered money like it was life or death because seeing my mother suffer made my heart ache. Although I debuted in 2005, I became a rookie all over again in 2008 when 'Super Junior-M' debuted in China.

"I was comfortable in China, but at the same time, I was tired of the fact that the Korean members I was doing activities with were unable to speak Chinese.  My head hurt because of them."

He added: "I wanted to be an actor, but they did not give me any acting gigs while they gave them to the other members. I didn't even get any commercials.

"Those dissatisfactions kept gathering until they became a bomb. I took all of my bank accounts, hospital records, and more and went to a law office to prepare a lawsuit against the company secretly.

"To prevent the company from suspecting anything, I communicated with my manager via mail, and secretly went to the law office when there were around two free hours after completing my schedule.

"At the time, it was an unimaginable thing for me."

However, Hangeng's behavior made Super Junior fans indignant in the past because they believed it was not courteous to the other members.

One netizen even disputed his claims of being the first foreign celebrity in Korea.

This interview got some netizens wondering if such allegations were the reasons that led to trouble within groups H.O.T and TVXQ.

One wrote, "To say it was for money. Would he have done it because he was ambitious for money. He must've done this because he wasn't paid what he deserved by SM. Was this the case for H.O.T. too?"

Another netizen wrote: "4000 yuan, he endured hardships in his debut to earn around 700,000 KRW. He tried hard to cast off the rookie label only to debut as a rookie again. Things like this are the reason TVXQ broke up."

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