Why Donnie Yen had to be very strict on the set of The Monkey King

15 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

In a column for Star Class, Donnie Yen reveals why he had to be very strict on the set of The Monkey King.

This is an excerpt of an article by Donnie Yen, reports hktopten:

"The film THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG) made over 1.1 billion at the Mainland box office, many industry and media friends congratulated me.

"Earlier before the film release, everyone was already talking about the expected box office.

"As the star and the action director, I inevitably felt some pressure. However I kept telling myself to face it normally. Everyone in the cast and the crew deserved credit for the success of a film.

"It was about team spirit and co-workers were also very important. I was able to work with excellent actors like Fat Gor and Sing Sing to be able to achieve such a good performance.

"I put a lot of effort into studying and interpreting the character of Sun Wukong. I felt that I have answered to myself.

"Lately the media kept asking if I would make a sequel, I really haven't made a decision yet.

"Aside from considering how difficult the production would be, would the sequel have any more room for a breakthrough? This is that I am the most concerned with. Let it be, it is still too early to make a decision now.

"THE MONKEY KING was not only talked about due to its box office, but also Fat Gor jokingly asking me to lower my temper a little at the Beijing press conference, and this also became a media report focus.

"I respect Fat Gor very much as an actor. His sense of humor and sudden improvisation often bring everyone a lot of joy.

Donnie Yen also writes that he had to be strict for safety reasons. He wrote:

"As an action director I have to protect actors' lives and safety. The set has a lot of potential for danger, especially with an action film.

"If I am not strict in command, I cannot control the scene and maintain order, chaos and even casualties and deaths would very easily appear.

"For example while shooting THE MONKEY KING the team imported a 360 degree tumbling "kung fu ring".

"After completing a dramatic scene in Studio A, I went to Studio B to observe the flight scene. I realized that the team wanted Gigi Leung Wing Kei to personally perform the stunt, I very angry and asked for a double immediately and scolded the team for lacking the ability to make a decision.

"I did not expect that the double after a short while, got dizzy, fainted and had to be immediately send to the hospital.

"If I did not make the change at the time, the actor would have been the one who was injured."

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