Why did Chen Liping call Rui En 'siao char bor'?

13 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Television's ice queen, Rui En, is probably not someone you'd think would easily collapse into fits of laughter.But the 32-year-old actress seems to have shed her aloofness for a more cheerful persona while filming her latest local Chinese drama, The Dream Makers, report MyPaper. Rui is taking on her most comedic role to date - that of a happy-go-lucky variety-show producer - and is relishing it."I love it. I had the best time; every day there was a (hilarious) situation...It was the happiest production ever."My character is so lively and jovial... I hope to take on more of such roles, it puts me in high spirits every day," said Rui, who was among the television stars present at Tuesday's press conference on The Dream Makers.In fact, the role she plays is so peppy that fellow cast member Chen Liping jokingly described her as quite the "siao char bor" (Hokkien for crazy woman).Rui was spotted giggling and slapping Chen on the arm repeatedly during Tuesday's event, held at Four Seasons Hotel - not the usual stuff ice queens do.The Dream Makers, a 30-episode series premiering on June 24, is about the lives of the people working at a television station.Read the full report in MyPaper.

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