This is who Korean Olympic skating queen Kim Yuna is dating

6 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Korea's Queen, Kim Yuna, 24, apparently made a lot of people heartbroken when she revealed that she was dating ice hockey player Kim Won Jun, 30.

Photos of them together wearing training outfits while holding hands were released, reports D K-pop News

According to reports, the two developed a close relationship as they are schoolmates in college Korea University.

They also share the same interest and trained together at the same ice rink.

Despite differences in their training schedules, Yuna and Won Jun still find time to meet and support each other.

All That Sports stated on their press release, "The reports from the articles are true. The two are really attached."

According to their companies, Kim Yuna and Kim Won Jun met in July, 2012.

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