When Jackie Chan gets serious... it doesn't work?

26 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

By Elrica Tanu, RazorTVGongfu, outrageous stunts and slapstick comedy. King of action Jackie Chan has churned out yet another high-octane flick with his unqiue brand of action comedy. In his latest film CZ12, which is currently showing here, the Hong Kong martial arts star reprises his role as treasure hunter Asian Hawk from Armour Of God, who seeks to repatriate sculpture heads of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac taken from China during the Opium Wars. In May, the 58-year-old gave his fans a scare when he announced at Cannes Films Festival that CZ12 will be his last gongfu flick. Citing old age and too much violence in this world, he had said he would retire from action movies. But he has since backpedaled to say that he will not, in fact, be out of action any time soon.There is talk that he may appear in two upcoming action flicks - The Expendables 3 and Rush Hour 4. Perhaps it's all for the best, as Chan has not exactly impressed critics with his foray into serious acting.In recent years, he has taken on more dramatic roles, like in Shinjuku Incident (2009) where he plays an illegal Chinese immigrant in Japan, and in Chinese historical epic 1911, which chronicled the Xinhai Revolution in China. But these movies had, at best, received a mixed bag of reviews.His contemporary in Hong Kong cinema, action star Jet Li, 49, had better luck with his first full dramatic role in 2010 movie Ocean Heaven, where he plays the father of an autistic son. However, for both Chan and Li, action movies remain the core of their work even now, despite their age.Watch the videos to find out why Jackie has decided to stick with action films. Watch the videos on RazorTV:Not done with action movies (Jackie Chan Pt 1)When he gets serious it doesn't work? (Jackie Chan Pt 2)

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