'Wheel of Fortune' contestant fails to solve easiest puzzle ever

10 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

This woman must be kicking herself in the head for for not solving this simple puzzle on 'Wheel of Fortune" correctly -- even though the answer was pretty obvious.

The unlucky woman got most of the words right in the puzzle but messed up at the sixth word.

What made it worse, was that the woman sounded so confident of her answer and you could actually hear the audience's disappointment in the background when answered it wrongly. 

The host then moves on to the next contestant and who reveals that he would like to solve the puzzle.

The host then says: "Well, please do it properly". 

Talk about burn. The woman had a slight smile on her face but nothing can make her feel better after that embarrassing attempt at solving the puzzle.

Check out the gallery to below to see the puzzle and watch the video here to find out what the contestant actually said.

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