What's Yvonne Lim doing with George Clooney?

21 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

George Clooney was in Shanghai recently to attend an exclusive Omega event as the company's brand ambassador.

ST Communities reports that the award-winning actor and producer joined a star-studded line-up of guests including French songstress France Owlle and Singaporean actress Yvonne Lim.

Clooney, who has been an Omega brand ambassador since 2007, spoke at the event, “My father wore an Omega watch for many years. When I began working with the brand, I called my father to tell him the great news.

"He told me his Omega was in the attic and after finding it, he wound it up and it still worked. I gave it to Omega and they were nice enough to fix it up for me and I was able to give it to him for his birthday. I have a long, long history with the brand.”

Besides the watches on display, the event also highlighted the work done by Orbis International's Flying Eye Hospital, an organization supported by Omega which delivers high-quality eye care to some of the world's remotest regions.

Two Chinese children, who were treated by Orbis, were present at the event and were escorted to the stage by Clooney.

The actor even danced with one of the girls.

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