What's the secret to Dal Shabet's 'open-and-close' skirts?

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Have you ever wondered how the girls of Dal Shabet were able to open and close their stage outfits so quickly for their choreography of "Be Ambitious"?According to an article in Allkpop, there were many guesses thrown around from curious fans and the agency has resolved their curiosity with the answer to this.It turns out the answer lies in using velcro.Basically, the girls wear shorts inside the skirts, and the top of the skirts is lined with velcro, which allows the girls to easily perform their 'Monroe dance' without having to worry too much about putting their outfits back together.Since the velcro does wear out with repeated use, the girls also have a set they use just for practice so they don't wear out their stage outfits.Their label said, "We used various items like buttons and magnets for the 'Monroe dance', but the velcro tape worked the best. The reason why the skirt is long in the front is because it has to allow for the girls to spread it out with both arms."

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