What Jay Chou did when reporters asked him extremely personal question about wife's parents

1 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

It was first time for Taiwanese singer Jay Chou to make a public appearance after announcing his wife, Hannah Quinlivan was pregnant.

He expressed he will not accept any interviews during the interview and was surrounded by the media even when going to the toilet, reports Asian E- News Portal.

Jay used the composer identity to attend the event and said: "Composing and team is important and it is better not to fight for attention."

When asked about the method to attract the judges' attention, Jay replied:

"Can try to wear striking clothes." But he emphasized good music was the most important.

However, Jay rejected to disclose any details about the pregnant of his wife.

When asked about the divorce between Hannah Quinlivan's parents, Jay kept silent again and left the event after 12 minutes.

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