What is Jason Chan doing wandering aimlessly around with white powder on his nose?

1 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago
Jason Chan who has been heavily promoted by TVB, recently joined "TV King" Wayne Lai to appear in upcoming new series "Trade War". In the past, he often played the role of a guy with good characters, but this time he faces a new challenge by playing a negative role in the series.

According to an article in Asian Universe Net, the other day, he was shooting a scene in Causeway Bay.

He was seen wondering aimlessly with unstable steps on the street with his nose and upper lip full of white powder.

The filming scene attracted many on lookers, who kept taking pictures of him.

Jason was wearing a white shirt with a blue tie and clenching his jacket. His nose and upper lip was full of white powder. His eyes looked dull and he had an odd looking facial expression. 

In a telephone interview yesterday, Jason  stated that he doesn't want to disclose too much about the plot of the series.

Having said that, he revealed that the series will show a darker side of him.

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