What F21 played in their store made Gurmit Singh's daughter all riled up

16 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

Gurmit Singh's 17-year-old daughter to specialty retailer Forever 21, slamming it for playing music derogatory to women at its 313 Somerset outlet.

In the letter posted on her blog, Gabrielle explains that she was shopping at the store with her mother and baby sister when she heard the store blaring rap music.

The teen added that she didn't mind the genre, but it was the lyrics that made her feel uncomfortable.

In her post she wrote:

"What I did mind was the lyrics, which declared 'half you b****s like p***y too”.

She added that she continued shopping thinking that the indecent lyrics would stop after the song changed.

However, the songs got progressively more derogatory towards woman and even had explicit in descriptions of sexual endeavours.

She went on to say that she typically would not have an issue with the choice of music if she had she been shopping in a store that was promoting a lewd brand image.

She wrote:

"The problem is that you guys are not that brand.

"You guys are a brand that caters to women.

"You are a store that thirteen-year-old girls frequent.

"You are a store that women can bring their children to."

The local star's daughter also related the derogatory song choice to rape, assault, and misogyny.

She later updated her post stating that Forever 21 has responded with an apology.

She wrote:

"F21 has responded and apologised for the music, which is pretty great!

"However, misogyny as a common occurrence in our everyday lives is still a big issue, which is why I’m leaving this post on my blog."

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