What Bobo Wong's friends in S'pore think of her famous underwear scene

10 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Johnson Lee's (李思捷) ex-girlfriend, Bobo Wang (王宝宝) plays a western-style character and the earlier filming of her chasing after a tram while wearing underwear became a hot topic instantly.

She disclosed that she had no limits in filming shows and did not mind being nude for the sake of filming, but emphasised that she would not accept any immoral deals in exchange for the roles.

Bobo's friends from Singapore (新加坡), Thailand (泰國) and England (英國) all knew about the news about her wearing underwear and chasing after a tram after it was published.

She laughed and said that her friends were not bothered by it, and revealed, "They know I will do it as I am very playful and dare to try any challenges.

"However, the reaction from the public was different and some people felt that I was very brave and admired me, while some felt that I was silly to fork out money and make fun of myself!"

According to Asian E-News Portal, Bobo felt that the sexiness for her mini movie was nothing and she could go for greater challenges.

She did not mind going nude as long as it was required by the role and smilingly said, "I can accept the exposure of Lust, Caution as I usually watch violent movies. I tend to write such scripts and not bother by it."

Bobo continued to say, "It is worth it even if people assume that you are a 'vase'!"

Asked if she would sell herself for roles, she replied, "Of course not and it is silly! Do not assume that nobody knows as someone will know once you do it! It is similar to when an advertisement company required me to go for plastic surgery and I rejected it!"

Lukian added that she had accepted dinner functions before, but it was simply only dinner.

Currently editing the mini movie and writing two scripts, Lukien hopes to film another movie for the next round.

When asked if she approached Johnson for any advice, she said, "I did let Johnson see it and he feels that it is fantastic. He asked me to give him a role to act but I rejected him, as I prefer to find someone suitable to act for the role."

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