Wayne Lai says tanked drama series shows viewers have high expectations

30 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Wayne Lai's latest drama series Bullet Brain has had a rocky start, with many fans highly critical of its unconventional style.Referring to less-than-stellar ratings for the series, he said that felt that it was a 'good test'.According to an article in Oriental Daily, he said: "I wasn't aware that audiences' expectations had increased enormously. This series still has a lot of explaining to do. We cannot neglect rationality just for the sake of creating a drama effect. "This is my first time getting such heavily criticisms, I cannot guarantee that every series gets better every time nor will I feel unhappy because of the criticisms." Last night, Pierre Ngo attended an event and defended the series as well. He explained that the heavy storyline between him and Wayne still hadn't started yet. He also said that there had been several challenging scenes to film too, and that he had sustained bruises all over from rolling down stairs. He said: "Because the crew didn't want to use the same overused plots, they tried something new and unexpectedly it's not been received well. In response to netizens' calls that the series be cut, Pierre claimed that he was not unhappy about that.

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