Watch Robbie Williams' hilarious antics as wife goes into labour

28 October 2014 / 1 year 12 months ago

Robbie Williams has got to be the best husband in the world.

To entertain his wife Ayda Field as she was going into labour, the famous singer started singing and dancing comically to his own song “Candy”.

Based on the video however, Robbie did not mange to take Ayda’s mind off her labour pains.

However he did have a second shot at trying to comfort his wife.

As Ayda was in labour, Robbie started singing Frozen’s “Let it Go”.

Although Ayda looked like she was in pain, she still managed to tell her husband: “Well you stop singing Frozen?”

Well, whether Robbie’s antics were effective or not we have to give him credit for trying!

Watch the hilarious videos below.

Robbie Williams singing "Candy"

Robbie Williams singing "Let it go"

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