Watch out, Oh Sehun! An obsessed K-pop fan is planning to steal your used boxers

24 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Recently, fans of top Korean boy band EXO were shocked and enraged at a South Korean netizen who posted a message on Twitter on Monday, asking if anyone was keen to buy a pair of used boxers she claimed belongs to EXO member Do Kyung Soo.

The netizen, believed to be a “sasaeng” fan, an overly obsessed K-pop fan who stalks K-pop idols and invades their privacy, wrote: “I am selling the underwear of Do Kyung Soo.

"I personally got it from their dorm. It was extremely hard for me to obtain it. I am thinking it’s worth 10,000 won (S$12).”

This particular fan is already planning her move on her next victim -- EXO member Oh Sehun, 19, reports The New Paper.

Local EXO fan Jacklyn Yeo, 20, who is extremely disturbed after reading about the incident, said: “It’s very disgusting and I worry for the safety of the EXO members.

"These ‘sasaeng’ fans really have nothing better to do, and it is very creepy that they have access to the boy band’s dormitory.”

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