The war begins: SMRT Ltd (Feedback) releases first post on Xiaxue Exposé

31 December 2014 / 1 year 9 months ago
Shortly after the Gushcloud saga erupted online thanks to popular blogger Xiaxue's inflammatory post on the company, facebook page SMRT Ltd (Feedback) took matters into their own hands and launched a "Xiaxue Expose" operation online.

The group has called the operation #‎FaithInLupCheong‬.

Promising to reveal the blogger's dirty secrets in due time, the group has taken a jibe at her on facebook over the past few days with sarcastic memes and revelations of statistics on her number of fans and 'likes'.

Yesterday (Dec 30), the group released a facebook post targeted at Gushcloud's rival company, Nuffnang, the blog advertising company representing Xiaxue.

The post read:

Not juicy enough? The group clarified later that it's merely a "sneak peek -- not the full expose."
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