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30 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago
It's hard to believe the smoking hot and curvalicious Latina model Adriana Lima is a proud mom of two.
How does she do it?In September 2012, she became the proud mother of a second baby girl - and in just eight weeks, she was up and strutting down the runway for the Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show.

Her personal trainer Michael Olajide, Jr. recently revealed her vigorous fitness routine that has allowed her to regain her amazing physique in such a short time.

The former champion boxer said she dedicates six hours in a day to working out - three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening.

"And even that first week that we worked together, she was, I mean‘¦ you had to be sore from not having worked out.

To be sore every day and still have to do the punching and do the ab work, it really is incredible.

I was impressed," he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

In another interview with Shape, he said that Lima did really well with jumping rope and shadow boxing, and many of the exercises the pair worked on had to do with reflexes.

The trick was to have lots of variety like double turns with a jump rope, sculpting maneuvers and all-over bodywork.

Notably, Lima's workout was designed to make her look great, not to lose weight.

"I feel if you focus on the numbers, it can, add a sense of unnecessary stress - especially if you're working as hard as she was.

We were as much for appearance as possible, but did it in a healthy way," he said.

He advised new moms that the hard part is getting the body's metabolic rate and condition back to how it was - which means high intensity workouts.

"Think of it like recalibrating your engine.

It's time to kick it back into gear.

Start being active both mentally and physically.

Find a programme that challenges you and will give you adrenaline and that boost," he said.

Source: AsiaOne Your Health

Pictures 1-5 are of Adriana Lima, while the rest are of her Victoria's Secrets colleagues.

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