Wang Lee Hom's Hollywood debut is happening sooner than you think

20 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Multi-million-album selling singer Leehom Wang (王力宏) never stopped working since his debut 20 years ago.

Like the never-resting wind, Leehom never caught a breath, reports Jayne Stars

He continuously explored new grounds to find unique breakthroughs in his music and career. In addition to his music, Leehom has also dabbed into acting, having directed his first film in 2010 and worked with many major film stars over the years.

He is set to make his Hollywood debut in Michael Mann‘s Blackhat in January.

Debut Hollywood Movie, “Blackhat”

In January, Leehom’s debut Hollywood film, the action thriller Blackhat, will also be released. Portraying police officer David Chen in the Michael Mann film, Leehom teams up with an American hacker, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, to pursue an international criminal.

On working with the award-winning Michael Mann, who is known his realistic and gritty action style, Leehom said, “Michael Mann is a director whom I respect very much. I benefited a great deal in this collaboration. When I visited the set and watched how he directed, grasped control of the field, and interacted with the actors and the crew, I’ve come to realize that I have met a true expert.” However, Leehom said he is most impressed with how Michael Mann does not limit himself to one style, and is always searching to incorporate new elements to his films. “He is open to new challenges and is always going for the unthinkable.”

How different is the Hollywood film set compared to the Asian film set?

Leehom said, “Although we still have a lot of things to learn from in Hollywood films, I still find Asian film to be the most pure, which is what touches me the most. Whether it’s the director or the actors, when you’re filming, you can really feel the passion coming from the team. I’ve been in both worlds, and I find that both have areas that we should learn from.”

Watch the trailer below and also browse the gallery to view images of the star and his family.

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