Vivien Yeo steps out in public without makeup -- and proves she's a natural beauty

23 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

A few days ago, artiste and filial daughter, Vivien Yeo drove her relatives around Kowloon for shopping.

On that day, she decided to go natural and did not don any makeup but opted for a simple hat, white top and black shorts which revealed her long legs.

Despite, not having any makeup on, Vivien still looked beautiful. But it was her long legs that were also the centre of attention. 

Asian E-News Portal reports that Vivien and her female relative were seen busy choosing top in fashion boutique and neglected her male relative who could only go to washroom and wait for them.

Vivien's female relative was carrying a big shopping bag when three walked out of the boutique together and Vivien immediately helped her to carry it.

Subsequently, they went to the carpark together and she became a chauffeur to bring them home again.

Browse through the gallery to see what Vivien looks like with and without makeup.  

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