Vivian Hsu hits reporter who probed her for identity of new beau

4 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

After revealing the new love in her life recently, Vivian Hsu was bombarded with questions about her new beau at the premiere of her new movie, Rhythm of the Rain (聽見下雨的聲音).

When asked why she decided to open up about her love life, Vivian said: "I have been (in) hiding over the past 20 years. I'm 38, and I feel that I ought to have a positive outlook for the next phase of my life," reported Asianpopnews.

Vivian also spoke about how she pined for being allowed to date like any normal couple.

"I hope to get to lead a simple life and be low key about our relationship. We will still go out for dinner and watch a movie together, regardless of whether there is a paparazzi or not," she added.

Asked if she had gone on a date openly without being caught, Vivian evaded the question, but said that her beau had met her parents already.

She also refused to divulge anything related to the identity of her boyfriend, on the basis that they have "just started dating".

However, she conceded that her boyfriend may be closely related to the entertainment industry, and praised him for being filial and a family person, having a good character with a discipline lifestyle and a strong passion for music and movies.

"I met someone who knows me well. As I am a performing artiste, my other half has to be someone who loves music and movies as well.

Upon being asked if her boyfriend was someone from the showbiz circles, Vivian comically took out a stalk of rose and hit it at the reporter before saying: "Give me some privacy. You ask him yourself if there is a chance."

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